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This adorable cutie Rocca is an 8 month old, 55lbs grey Pittie and is as sweet as a pup can possibly be. She loves to play with all dogs, big & small and is fostered with lots of them! She loves people & kids. 
She does love to jump & smack you in the stomach (or lower for men) when she’s really excited. Rocca is well-versed in “ sit” “down” “ go to bed” & “wait” 
She is VERY food motivated and easy to train. She can be a really good off leash dog once trust & reliability with the person is established 
Rocca loves fetch! She will always bring it back but may not give it up so easily. She is the kinda pup that always needs something in her mouth. It’s the cutest! When she wakes up in the morning, after a biiiig stretch, she runs to find something to hold before she says good morning to us. But this habit also deems her a sock mover! She hasn’t chewed any up, but definitely has been spotted moving shoes/ socks & any other laundry items that may be left in reaching distance. This may sound energetic or too playful but as much as she is fun & spunky, she is also the picture perfect lounger. She is equally as excited about a day out on the town as she is a full day and night in, watching movies and playing the occasional tug- of-war between movies! 
She is really an all around great dog and if her foster mom didn’t already have her hands full with 3 dogs and doggy daycare, she would keep her. She deserves an adventurous, fun, home with lots of laughs and adventure ♥ and a GREAT BIG couch for her to lounge in the pillows. 

Rocca has not been around cats. But has been around chihuahuas and doesn’t bug them to play after they tell her no the first time. 

Loca Rocca is up to date on vaccinations and is scheduled to get spayed when she is done in heat. She is being fostered in South San Francisco. 

Contact Christina to meet Rocca at or (415) 691-9346

Courtesy Posting:
Please use contact info on this page to inquire about this dog.
CPR does not guarantee accuracy of temperament provided by independent party.

Age: 8 months

Sex:  Female

Weight:  50 lbs

Cats:  Unknown

Dogs:  Yes

Energy Level:  Average

Kids: Yes


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