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Dog Trainers We Recommend
*Click on the company name to be directed to their webpage for contact information

San Jose / South Bay:
Back to Balance Canine Training
Lori Hamilton's Dog Training
Our Pack Training Classes
Oliver's Travels Dog Training

Oakland / East Bay:
Canine Comprehensive (training & walking)
Bay Area Balanced Canine
Cause & Effect Dog Training
BAD RAP Training Classes

San Francisco:
Koru K9

Marin County:
Finding Balance Dog Training

Alpine K9
Napa / Santa Rosa / Wine Country:
Good Dog for Life (group classes)
Lonely Hunters Dog Training

Redwood City & Peninsula:
Good Dog for Life (training & walking)

Gold Hill Canine
Elite Dogs Training & Boarding

Los Angeles:
The Good Dog
Pure Canine Training

San Diego:
Transformation Dog Training

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The Good Dog Youtube


Looking to do some training on your own? Sean O'Shea and the folks at The Good Dog in Los Angeles have hundreds of tutorials for every aspect of dog training. From crate training, leash reactivity, teaching boundaries, anxiety, aggression to puppy training.

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