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Meet Sweet Baloo! This handsome fella has been in the same home most of his life. He lives with a medium size dog and they get along very well. That dog is getting older and had surgery on both of his knees, so he is unable to entertain Baloo's puppy energy any longer. Baloo is a sensitive little guy who will curl up in your lap (does not matter that he no longer fits) and at your feet whenever possible.  He and his sister are really affectionate- most people call it "kisses" but we know the truth (it is more "hmmm... what food bits do you have in YOUR teeth today?")  ;)  He is both house trained and crate trained, fixed, microchipped and all his shots are up to date.  He has attended Petco and Marin Humane puppy training series classes, is smart and easily trainable (with treats of course!) has posse's of pups and people at our local parks that he loves to play with, has a lot of puppy energy and is SUCH an adorable cuddle-bug. He will follow you around the house and really loves to be around his "people."  Because Baloo is more on the sensitive/submissive side, he will adjust much better and thrive in a more calm, structured living environment.  

A few videos of Baloo and his friends at the different parks he goes to can be found here:

Contact Gadi to meet Baloo at

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Age: 1 years old

Sex:  Male

Weight: 60 lbs

Cats:  Yes

Dogs:  Yes

Energy Level:  Average

Kids: Yes


Baloo collage 2.png
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