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Age: 3 years
Weight: 60 lbs
Children: 12+
Energy Level: Medium

Potty Trained: Yes
Dogs: Maybe
Cats: Maybe

Why has Atlas been with us so long?

Because he is a large, black dog?

Everyone who sees him comments on what a gorgeous guy  he is.  He is effortlessly shiny and muscular.

Because he is a “maybe” for living with cats and dogs?

Listen, at first, he was not easy to live with in his foster home.  He wasn't great with the cats and did not share toys and food with the dogs there either.

But, with time and patience - he is trustworthy with the cats and is pretty solid with the dogs.  Should you leave him alone with a t-bone steak and another dog? No.  But in most situations, with the right companion, he can handle himself at this point. With the right personalities and the right home, dogs and cats are no problem for him.

But - his adopters must be committed to slow introductions and an initial period of careful management in order for Atlas to succeed.

Atlas is working on being relaxed and not worried about other dogs while on walks - but he is doing so much better.  He listens and learns so well.  He just wants to do the right thing.

He is so trainable.  He is very food motivated, which makes training him a joy.  He would be a great dog for dog sports!

It is hard to describe what a sweet, affectionate guy he is to people he does not live with.

Once you are one of “his people”, he is so affiliative.  He loves to snuggle in bed and get belly rubs.

Adopters must be committed to continuing his rewards based, positive reinforcement training protocols.   Atlas needs patience and kindness to fully become the dog he can be.  Are you that person?  Do you have what it takes to support this guy so he can be the best possible version of himself?

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