Age: 8 weeks
Weight: 10 lbs
Children: Yes 
Energy Level: Medium

Potty Trained: Almost
Dogs: Yes
Cats: Yes

Puppy Junior is as cute as they come. Well, he is a puppy after all.  Junior was taken  from his litter at a young age because his mom wasn't producing enough milk. His foster mom is a veterinary tech and bottle fed him. Junior is now 8 weeks old and ready to be adopted! Since he didn't have the experience of being with is litter mates for very long, we will be requiring that whomever adopts Junior has another stable dog as a role model for him. He is smart and doing well with his crate training. Junior enjoys meeting new people and will enjoy puppy socials and classes with his future family!

Contact his foster to learn more and schedule a meeting with your new best friend. Desi (510) 427-5107