Age: 2 years
Weight: 70 lbs
Children: Yes
Energy Level: Average

Dogs: Yes
Cats: No

We are moving out of state asap. Wanting to list the house any day now. Actively cleaning it up in preparation to list it. Once the ball gets rolling l, if he hasn’t found someone we will be taking him to the shelter. Three nights ago he killed our cat. Every day that passes, I want this dog gone. If I have to put a time frame on how long we could keep him before we surrender him to the pound… I’d say 2 weeks. 


He’s good with dogs. He needs more socializing. He yelps and barks at other dogs and it makes me uncomfortable,  but he has never gotten into a dog fight to my knowledge. He’s lived with our 6lb chihuahua, our other pit, a medium mixed breed, and our American Bulldog. Never any fights or concerns. When he was once rehomed, he got out and the pound picked him up. They said he was running around with a puppy. 


Yes. He loves to play. He’s very focused on people. He does not care for fetch, but he loves any kind of playful interaction. His focus would also make him an amazing candidate for training of any kind. 


He’s house trained. Good house manners. 


Good in the car


Good with kids. Fair manners though so cautious small kids that can be knocked over easy. 


Great with strangers.