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Age: 7 months

Weight: 35 lbs
Children: Yes
Energy Level: Moderate
Dogs: Yes
Cats: Yes

Ruby is approximately 7 months old and is a shorty, small pup! She is mixed with Jack Russell Terrier, English Bulldog and American Pit Bull Terrier. She is currently in a foster home with other big dogs and is settling in well. Ruby is outgoing, friendly, playful and an all-around great puppy! She is super friendly to everyone and every animal. She's got some natural leash manners and follows her foster siblings lead.  She picks up new tricks fast and is getting better each day with her crate training skills. She is still a puppy and get into mischief and she's quite a goofball . . . sure to win you over with that grin!  

Come visit Ruby at Pet Food Express Piedmont Ave on Sunday March 3nd (11am - 2pm).


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