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Roy is an absolute LOVE, full of affection and loyalty. He is looking for a special home with experienced owners who can understand and address his specific needs. Roy is looking for a patient and dedicated individual who can help him overcome this challenge.

While Roy may not get along with cats, he thrives in the company of other dogs who match his size and energy level. Having a well-matched friend would be beneficial in many ways for this sweet boy.

Roy is a highly intelligent dog who is eager to learn and please his humans. With consistent training, he has already made great progress. He is looking for a home that can provide him with continued training and guidance so he can become the best version of himself.

Roy needs an active home that can provide him with plenty of physical exercise and mental enrichment. Engaging in regular activities such as long walks, playtime, and interactive games will help him channel his energy in a positive way and keep him happy and fulfilled.

If you have the experience, patience, and dedication to provide Roy with the care he needs, you'll be rewarded with a loving, fun, and intelligent companion. Roy will flourish and bring immeasurable joy to your life.

Roy's adoption fee has been sponsored by the 2023 Kia Pet Adoption Grant Program

Roy is currently available for adoption through Compassion Without Borders. The first step to their adoption process is to submit our online adoption questionnaire. You can find the questionnaire here:

Due to logistical, emotional, and financial considerations, we only adopt our dogs out to people who reside in Northern California within a 3-hour drive of Muttopia (our shelter in Santa Rosa, CA).

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Age: 1.5 years old

Sex:  Male

Weight: 51 lbs

Cats:  No

Dogs:  Yes

Energy Level:  Average

Kids: Yes


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Courtesy Posting:
Please use contact info on this page to inquire about this dog.
CPR does not guarantee accuracy of temperament provided by independent party.
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