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Age: 7 months
Weight: 40 lbs
Children: 8+
Energy Level: Average

Potty Trained: Yes
Dogs: Yes
Cats: Yes

Hey there, folks! My name's Mula, and boy, do I have a tale to tell. See, I'm currently hanging out in the Bay Area of sunny California, soaking up the love and care from my foster family. You see, my old owner just couldn't keep up with my puppy energy anymore. They had this super busy life that left me cooped up in a kennel all day long. Can you imagine? But then, these amazing humans heard about my situation and opened their hearts and home to me.

Now, let me tell you, life is a whole lot brighter! I'm free to roam, run, and play fetch to my heart's content. Plus, I've discovered this whole new world of canine pals to socialize with – big ones, small ones, you name it! And the best part? My foster parents are around pretty much all the time. They work from home, which means I get all the attention, training, and cuddles a pup could ask for. 

Sure, I'm still learning the ropes. At around 7 months old, I've got plenty of growing and exploring to do. But let me tell you, I'm a quick study! I'm eager to soak up all the knowledge and love I can get, especially from my forever person. So, if you're on the lookout for a furry companion who's bursting with energy and ready to learn, look no further! My foster parents would be thrilled to chat and arrange a meet-and-greet – just as long as I get to tag along, of course.

Location : Union City, CA


Contact Info: Noel Ramirez, 510-314-4803,

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