Sex: Female

Age: 4 years

Size: 52 lbs

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes - Slow Intros!

Energy: Medium

Children: Yes


Meet Mimi! She's a gal that can easily fit in to most families! She’s great on leash, very well-behaved in the house, and she enjoys lounging on a cozy bed or outside in the sun. She doesn’t get into things and she’s not a barker, and great with other dogs, including the little ones. Mimi will sleep through the night on a dog bed and is very content.


Mimi has come out of her shell while in her foster home and now enjoys playing with toys and doing lots of rolling around on her back and playing in the kiddie pools. You may see a shy side of Mimi but for the most part, she just a very sweet and loving gal. We haven't seen her around kids but she may do well with them, given her gentle nature.

adoption pending!