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Sex: Male

Age: 2 Years

Size: 60 lbs

Dogs: Yes

Cats: No

Energy: Average

Children: Yes


Leo Big Smile.jpeg

Leo is an American Bulldog, American Pit Bull, American Bully, and American Staffy mix (according to his Embark DNA results). Leo is a fun, energetic pup whose absolute favorite thing to do is play. Leo is on the calmer side when you first meet him, but once he is comfortable, you will absolutely see his playful side. He loves both dogs and humans alike and adores being the center of attention. He is a very social dog. He turns heads anywhere he goes and gets a lot of compliments out in public! People are often enamored by him when they meet him. Leo brings people a lot of joy and they bring him the same amount of joy back. He is a total love bug and will wiggle his butt in happiness when he receives attention from people and gives kisses out freely.


Leo is an adventurous and curious pup; he is not easily frightened by things that may typically scare other dogs (i.e. grates, loud noises, the vet). He is a bit silly and clumsy; he will bump into objects or knock them over due to excitement or because he was distracted by some other thing. Leo enjoys a good cuddle when he is tired and doesn't know his size and will sometimes just plop himself right on top of you. He can sleep through the night in a crate and is potty trained. Leo is SUPER smart and picks up new commands easily. He knows sit, down, wait & place.  Leo would love to learn more with you and is highly food/treat motivated and eager to please!

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