Grace is a once-in-a-lifetime special companion pittie. Deaf pit bulls are some of the most special dogs you’ll ever meet. Ask anyone who’s spent time with Grace and they’ll tell you that she is one of those dogs who will steal a person’s heart and change their life forever.


She came to CA Pit Bull Rescue after her owner passed away in December. She is eight years old and she lived the past six years with her owner and four other dogs. Grace is 60 lbs, has medium energy level and is happiest with short walks or hikes and long couch cuddles with her human. Her deafness adds to her unique goofball personality. She’s lighthearted and fun, but very serious about her snuggles and her lap dog impersonation. She knows a few hand commands and is working on more in her foster home. She is eager to learn and highly food motivated, making it fun and easy to incorporate her training into meal times and throughout the day with treats. 


In her medical screening, we discovered that her right rear knee was out of place and causing her a great deal of pain, even buckling as she would walk. Our veterinarian urged us to opt for TPLO surgery. We’ve gone ahead with the surgery and it went extremely well. Grace is now recovering in her foster home, and we are kicking off a fundraising drive to cover the cost of her surgery. Grace will be available for adoption around the beginning of September, once she has recovered from surgery.

Grace Pic.jpg

Age: 5 years

Sex:  Female

Weight:  60lbs

Cats:  Unknown

Dogs:  Yes

Energy Level:  Average

Kids: Yes


Grace 2.jpg
Grace 3.jpg