Sex: Male

Age: 7 years

Size: 88 lbs

Dogs: Yes

Cats: No

Energy: Low/Medium

Children: Yes


Amigo (formerly of Contra Costa Animal Services) is a one-of-a-kind blockhead who is ready to give his heart to the right family.  He's friendly with everyone he meets and would probably even enjoy living in a home with kids. Amigo is crate trained, potty trained and respectful in the home.  He's a little stubborn (probably from those Mastiff genes), so he'll need someone with patience and consistency / reinforcement with rules - i.e. not letting him do whatever he wants.


He is enjoying being around his foster sister Ava (a large female dog) and loves his time outdoors and on walks. Amigo is excited when meeting dogs on his walks but no signs of aggression. He is a little too focused on squirrels and small animals, so we don't think he would do well living in a home with cats. Amigo appears to have lived outdoors in his previous life, so we're looking for a family willing to provide a soft & cozy home for him to live out his golden years.  Who wouldn't want a large teddy bear to join your family?!?

Amigo has recently been diagnosed with Spondylosis (like bone spurs throughout the spine) and will need pain management for the rest of his life. So he would not do well in a home with lots of stairs.